So I bought a switch

The Nintendo switch in my opinion is everything you need in a console it plays on the tv and is portable as we all know.

The features I like are the joy con controllers which can attach to the switch and in the controller pad as well. There’s also a flap at the back of the docking station so all the wire’s don’t get tangled together. When I first got it I spent the first 10 minutes just attaching the joy con’s to the switch and the controller. Very satisfying when you hear the click to take out the joy con just press the button at the back of each joy con.

The thing I don’t like is the fact that there is no way to turn off the switch while in the docking station while sitting down away from the switch.

What I think the switch will be I think it’s there new ds I know they said they won’t forget about the 3ds but it’s a console and a ds and if Nintendo know one thing it’s how to do a handheld device. I mean the Wii was good I liked it a lot. I didn’t buy the Wii u cause it’s an abomination of a console like it was a disaster

I bought Mario kart 8 and Zelda breath of the wild when I got it. And I will say that Zelda might be one of the hardest games I’ve played in ages or I’m just shit at it. I’d say I’ve played it for a bout 20 hours and I’m not lying i’ve like a gazillion Times. So if I ever complete it I’ll review it
MARIO KART 8!!!!! (Said it like Mario) I have one complaint I’m not a big fan of the battle mode except the shinning thief one which puts the rage factor from a normal Mario kart game and puts it up towards the heavens.


Author: davidayrescollection


8 thoughts on “So I bought a switch”

      1. I heard the Breath of the Wild was also very good but I am never good at Zelda games. It looks like Nintendo is doing well in the games.


  1. BOTW is tough, but it gets easier as you play more and get stronger. Big part is just learning how to deal with tough situations, which comes with time. One of my favs though


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