The legend of zelda breath of the wild

I’ll start off by saying that this game is very very good 9’s or 10’s. I don’t have a massive history of Zelda games I’ve only played twilight princess and BOTW and I liked both games.

So the game starts off with the playable character link waking up in some sort of chamber and turns out that he’s lost all of his memories.

What I really like about this game is that you can do pretty much anything u want from start to finish. Walk up to the final battle almost straight away you’ll get absolutely destroyed but it’s something you can do. If that’s not what u want to do then go around the whole map unlock all the towers. And I must say that the game looks absolutely incredible a lot of games are just so fast paced that you don’t even look at the environment that the creator’s have made.

So as link your job is to save princess Zelda who is trapped inside calamity Gannon who has taken over the 4 divine beasts so your job is to go around the kingdom of Hyrule save the divine beasts gain some of there powers and launch one final assault on the castle to save princess Zelda and defeat Gannon.

Now I’ll talk about the difficulties that I had playing the game it took all my strength to not rage quit the game. I found it so hard to play not cause it was poorly made just cause I was not good at the game I mean I only found out how to dodge during the final battle so that kind of annoyed me.

Some of the enemies are ridiculous like the decayed guardians 

These fuckers I think I killed 2 in the whole game and there fairly common.

I really like how you’ll be told something but won’t be shown where it is I mean it’s really hard so anyone out there who say Zelda is for kids. Get lost.

An example is that you’ll be told that your sword is near a forest so it’s up to you to find it you don’t need the sword but it’s very helpful. It’s also a bit of a pain when you don’t have 100’s and 100’s of hours to mess around with the big open world game. Adults don’t have that time it took me like 60 hours to complete the game 

So Zelda is now the latest game in the davidayrescollection.


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2 thoughts on “The legend of zelda breath of the wild”

  1. Me & my kids love this game. My husband quit, navigating the controller with all the varied components needed was too challenging & time consuming.
    But my kids took to it straight away, especially my son. He loved being able to charge straight in to defeat ganon, even if it did kill him.
    I’m more of a passenger seat play. 😊

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