Madeline depression 

I’ve been playing a game called Celeste a 2d platformer with a REALLY GOOD STORY. You play as a girl called Madeline it quickly becomes clear that she’s battling more than just climbing the mountain she so desperately wants.  I believe the mountain is a metaphor for Madeline battling her inner demons. Early in the game Madeline I suppose u could call it her b side she a purple Madeline comes out of the mirror (stay with me now)  evil Madeline chases you copying everything u do a few seconds behind which makes the chase more harrowing when you realise she’s running from herself.  Which got me thinking no matter how hard you try can you really beat depression? 

You see her struggle through different parts of the game where she runs in to her evil self.  I felt more connected to Madeline which is weird for me cause there’s no talking in this game it’s all text boxes.  There’s just so much depth to this game with the story she has to battle her demons run from the thing she fears most of all which is her self can she ever beat depression. 

Madeline eventually realise that she shouldn’t run from depression she needs to tackle it head on she becomes one with evil Madeline and they help each other reach the top of the mountain. 

Author: davidayrescollection


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