Far cry 5 is exceptional. From start to finish just brilliant. From fun game play to the story and the prepper stashes. And best of all no towers 

The games plot is very good as you do missions that destroy the seeds control over Hope County in the style of Mafia 3 as you take out parts of there empire to draw them out in to there territory. 

I was sold on this game when I heard Joseph seed sing amazing grace in the trailer https://youtu.be/PiFm6Fo0oH8

Seriously what a voice 

 Actually that’s a lie there are towers. There’s one tower and that’s only in there to make a joke. The game play is really good the shooting is probably the highlight of it with all the random encounters you come into no more than any other far cry game but the shooting never got boring.  The driving leaves a lot to be desired but your not buying far cry for the driving now are you. 

The story is really good and interesting with some outstanding voice acting  especially by Greg Bryk who plays Joseph seed.  Good singer as well.  Who plays the leader of the cult your trying to stop he is genuinely terrifying in the way he delivers almost every line with the way he stares directly into your eyes you really believe what he’s saying.  Now he is a cult leader so he’s not the nicest man. He and the rest of the seed family belive that all members of there cult are being saved from the collapse. (another way of saying apocalypse which like we need another) 

Obviously your character’s job is to defeat all the seed members like John and Jacob seed as well as the sister Faith. And then the big bad…….  Joseph. 

Now the prepper stashes they have taken the place of towers. They are puzzles around the area where you have to figure out the solution but there nowhere near as challenging as the puzzles from the witness so don’t let that put you off them there a nice break from the story. 

Now with all games have there problems it’s an open word game so you get the usual stone that’s floating. I came across one bug that if you died you would be stuck in a jeep with a turret and can’t get out while the character that drives has spawned all the way across town and can’t get back to you in time. So just quit mission start again and don’t die. 


My main problem with the story is that you get kidnapped……………………….. A lot like almost 10 times in the story and it would happen at the most annoying times during a side mission or talking to someone to start the next mission. 

All these problems did not take away my overall enjoyment of the game which is why I score far cry 5 a 9/10

Far cry 5 is the newest member of thedavidayrescollection

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