Outstanding. Breathtaking.  The future of games is today. The game features Kratos and his son athreus on there journey to the highest point in all the realms. This game is set in norse mythology…… Yes Kratos has left Greece and has found himself in Scandinavia somehow.  There’s so much to say about this game whether it’s the story or the game play or the camera…… The way this game is directed is just outstanding. No camera cuts 1 camera for the whole game more or less there are a few moments where u might say that there was a cut but there so few. If this is the future of game direction then it’s only a matter of time before games get the mainstream attention they deserve 

Now the story is very basic but executed so well with so much subtley at points especially between Kratos and his son. One was Kratos not really being able to comfort his son like he was afraid to put his hand around him and just stopped himself. Even when athreus has his little tantrum Kratos just leaves his son alone but then when athreus does a bad thing. A really bad thing Kratos losses the plot with him as u would. 

Now the game play my God the leviathan axe is magnificent its so much fun to use u can throw it at an enemy and call it back to your hand which is tremendous fun the game still has puzzles.  I don’t think any of them were particularly challenging. (and no I’m not a puzzle master the witness ruined my enjoyment of puzzles) the voice acting is just brilliant obviously best part of the voice acting is the relationship between the two.  But the real star is who ever plays athreus that actor has some future.  

Now on to the negative and I would say there are two negative and there so small it’s nitpicking one is when u kick a chain and Kratos immediately climbs down it and it’s all to unlock a short cut in case u need to get somewhere quickly (that’s what my 6 hours of darksouls 3 taught me). 

The second is this was just for me I was stuck on 1 part for 6 hours and I became scared to attack the enemy just because I knew they would destroy me if I got to close and especially when they were nearly dead. I went through every emotion possible from giving up to anger to genuine tears to the biggest high I will ever have when I actually got the win.  

And then we have the Stranger who might have the best boss fight in a game that character if I say his name it spoils so much if u know anything about norse mythology so I’ll keep it hush hush his voice acting is also brilliant cause he’s just a deluded man who can’t die. 

This game has changed my opinion on Kratos and God of war as a whole I played the third one didn’t think much of it.  And now I can say it’s in my top 5 games of all time.  And Kratos is now likeable 

I am awarding this game a 9/10 as Kratos became the God of war his new title is being the newest member of the Davidayrescollection 

1 final thing that secret ending.  I am very excited to see what happens next 

Author: davidayrescollection


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