The Battle Royal Craze 

As we all know the battle royal Craze has taken over the world and there’s one game I believe has so much potential to not only use it to take it to the next level.  Whether your a PUBG player or a Fortnite player (and you probably are).  The game I think needs battle royal is (tension rises)  I Am Bread. (stay with me) 

I think this game needs to be brought back.  The potential for 100 slices of bread struggling to run at each other is just amazing and just think of all the gifs or puns that could be used (here’s one oh no I can’t get out of the storm otherwise known as THE SUN so my character Crusty dies by being toasted by the opposition.) 

Or better yet I am bread the sequel.  I AM BREHEADED a mid evil take on the classic Battle Royal where they could even take on a Game Of Thrones cross over with Jon Tarbreadean. Just imagine the anger in the GOT fan base as Jon Tarbreadean is killed by the mother of loafs.  In order to defeat the Nanking. 

OR if game of thrones doesn’t take your fancy I hear the walking dead is looking for a new lead of the series say hello to Norman breedus it’s not like he hasn’t stumbled in to a video game before. So as Norman Breedus you struggle threw life as your home is overrun by the unbread and as the lone survivor you must make your way and find a new home where u meet Pita Funnel.  

Imagine as your taken out by the unbread and all that remains is the lifeless shell of your body (the crust)  and then when you turn in to one of them blood and guts are hanging off you as you hunt for your next victim and they look surprisingly delicious almost as if there Jam and Marmalade 

So yeah I am bread needs to do this and I’m quite proud of those puns. 

Author: davidayrescollection


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