The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The final season of Telltales the walking dead starts off in a charming yet somewhat somber way.  Within the first few minutes you can really see the relationship of Clementine and Aj as that’s going to be the main focus of the game.  And from the events in the first episode it’s going the way the walking dead usually goes.  (a dark depressing road of death). 

It starts off with you and aj looking for food in an abandoned train station surprisingly there’s somehow still food years after the apocalypse.  U eventually stumble into a group of kids who take you back to there hideout where no kid would chose to live.  That’s right people there living in a school.  So as Clementine you do what you can to make sure aj doesn’t get killed and try to do whatever you can to not get thrown out the actual story so far is interesting and I want to know how it goes there’s a few call backs to Lee the greatest character in these games.  I enjoy how much Clementine has changed as she was being looked after by a capable person and now she’s the capable one looking after the annoying child.  Will Clementine give her life to save her adopted child just as Lee gave his life to save her.  

There are some good side characters in this game like Louis the best friend of the leader of the school. 

Now I know that this is supposed to be the last walking dead game but if it turns out it’s not then I want a game based on Violet I don’t know why I think she’s the best but for some reason she’s the only new character I don’t want to die so of course that means she’s doomed.  So if anything happens to her I won’t know how to go on 

I will say that Telltale are very good at cliffhangers 

There isint much more I can say without spoiling the game and I don’t like to do that. So I’ll leave you with these questions 

1. Will it be a good ending to Clementines story? 

2 How will aj change during over the game 

3. Will Violet die? 

4. How does the ending affect everyone else? 

Author: davidayrescollection


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