Goodbye Telltale

Not so long ago Telltale games announced that they were  closing down.  Telltale games will always have a special place in my heart because of the first waking dead game.  One of the few games I would call a masterpiece.  A narrative driven story that at the time you truly believed every decision mattered.  

Why does this game matter so much to me?  It had raw emotion, choices that mattered.  A story that you wanted to know how it ended

The walking dead game spanned through 4 seasons released episodically that featured around a character called Clementine and because of Telltale closing down we will never know how Clementine’s story will end.  It probably matters more to me than some people as I grew up with Clementine playing the games watching people play the games.  When you first meet her she was 8 and threw the 4 season and time skips she grew into a young woman.

The highlight of the game was how Clementine and her relationship with the other characters grew and how does a 8 year old cope and survive in a zombie apocalypse the child has to learn how to survive how to…. Kill whether it’s the undead or the living.  In such a bleak world there’s always joy in small parts because no matter what’s happening in the world a kid needs fun as well.

As someone who has enjoyed telltale games for the past few years.  I just think it’s a real shame more than anything that we won’t see the end of Clementine’s story.  For me I know there will be other narrative driven games that I will enjoy but there probably won’t be another one like it but this isint the way anyone wanted it to happen this is my way of saying goodbye and thank you Telltale.  

Author: davidayrescollection


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