The Battle Royal Craze 

As we all know the battle royal Craze has taken over the world and there’s one game I believe has so much potential to not only use it to take it to the next level.  Whether your a PUBG player or a Fortnite player (and you probably are).  The game I think needs battle royal is (tension rises)  I Am Bread. (stay with me) 

I think this game needs to be brought back.  The potential for 100 slices of bread struggling to run at each other is just amazing and just think of all the gifs or puns that could be used (here’s one oh no I can’t get out of the storm otherwise known as THE SUN so my character Crusty dies by being toasted by the opposition.) 

Or better yet I am bread the sequel.  I AM BREHEADED a mid evil take on the classic Battle Royal where they could even take on a Game Of Thrones cross over with Jon Tarbreadean. Just imagine the anger in the GOT fan base as Jon Tarbreadean is killed by the mother of loafs.  In order to defeat the Nanking. 

OR if game of thrones doesn’t take your fancy I hear the walking dead is looking for a new lead of the series say hello to Norman breedus it’s not like he hasn’t stumbled in to a video game before. So as Norman Breedus you struggle threw life as your home is overrun by the unbread and as the lone survivor you must make your way and find a new home where u meet Pita Funnel.  

Imagine as your taken out by the unbread and all that remains is the lifeless shell of your body (the crust)  and then when you turn in to one of them blood and guts are hanging off you as you hunt for your next victim and they look surprisingly delicious almost as if there Jam and Marmalade 

So yeah I am bread needs to do this and I’m quite proud of those puns. 


The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

The life is strange 2 prequel

This game has all the charm of life is strange.  Now I love life is strange up there with some of my favourite games ever.  And it does feel like life is strange. 

So you play as Chris a child who is living with his father and he’s still dealing with the loss of his mother.  The character you play as Chris loves superheroes which he got from his mother even though the mother isn’t in the game I find her more likeable than the father. That’s not a slight on the dad even though he has his problems with alcohol and other household issues.  You can tell that Chris really loves his dad but the dad seems to have some resentment towards Chris. 

Now obviously your not playing this game for the game play its an interactive story but there are cool ideas in this game like if you hold the LT button (I played on xbox shssss shssss)  sometimes there’s a super option such as instead of taking out the trash there’s a (dramatic voice over) PULVERISE!!!.  The 2 hour experience is enjoyable but has its gloomy parts as well 

What I really want to know is how does this lead in to life is strange 2 is he the main character the possible love interest MAYBE THE VILLIAN WITH ALL THE PROBLEMS IN HIS PERSONAL LIFE.  Or is he just a random side character that you can interact with maybe he’s like the character you can save all the time 

But I think if you haven’t played a life is strange game then this is an easy thing to get into 2 hours long and it’s free so really no reason not to get it 

A solid 6/10

And Captain Spirit has saved the day again and has been added to the davidayrescollection 


Outstanding. Breathtaking.  The future of games is today. The game features Kratos and his son athreus on there journey to the highest point in all the realms. This game is set in norse mythology…… Yes Kratos has left Greece and has found himself in Scandinavia somehow.  There’s so much to say about this game whether it’s the story or the game play or the camera…… The way this game is directed is just outstanding. No camera cuts 1 camera for the whole game more or less there are a few moments where u might say that there was a cut but there so few. If this is the future of game direction then it’s only a matter of time before games get the mainstream attention they deserve 

Now the story is very basic but executed so well with so much subtley at points especially between Kratos and his son. One was Kratos not really being able to comfort his son like he was afraid to put his hand around him and just stopped himself. Even when athreus has his little tantrum Kratos just leaves his son alone but then when athreus does a bad thing. A really bad thing Kratos losses the plot with him as u would. 

Now the game play my God the leviathan axe is magnificent its so much fun to use u can throw it at an enemy and call it back to your hand which is tremendous fun the game still has puzzles.  I don’t think any of them were particularly challenging. (and no I’m not a puzzle master the witness ruined my enjoyment of puzzles) the voice acting is just brilliant obviously best part of the voice acting is the relationship between the two.  But the real star is who ever plays athreus that actor has some future.  

Now on to the negative and I would say there are two negative and there so small it’s nitpicking one is when u kick a chain and Kratos immediately climbs down it and it’s all to unlock a short cut in case u need to get somewhere quickly (that’s what my 6 hours of darksouls 3 taught me). 

The second is this was just for me I was stuck on 1 part for 6 hours and I became scared to attack the enemy just because I knew they would destroy me if I got to close and especially when they were nearly dead. I went through every emotion possible from giving up to anger to genuine tears to the biggest high I will ever have when I actually got the win.  

And then we have the Stranger who might have the best boss fight in a game that character if I say his name it spoils so much if u know anything about norse mythology so I’ll keep it hush hush his voice acting is also brilliant cause he’s just a deluded man who can’t die. 

This game has changed my opinion on Kratos and God of war as a whole I played the third one didn’t think much of it.  And now I can say it’s in my top 5 games of all time.  And Kratos is now likeable 

I am awarding this game a 9/10 as Kratos became the God of war his new title is being the newest member of the Davidayrescollection 

1 final thing that secret ending.  I am very excited to see what happens next 


Far cry 5 is exceptional. From start to finish just brilliant. From fun game play to the story and the prepper stashes. And best of all no towers 

The games plot is very good as you do missions that destroy the seeds control over Hope County in the style of Mafia 3 as you take out parts of there empire to draw them out in to there territory. 

I was sold on this game when I heard Joseph seed sing amazing grace in the trailer

Seriously what a voice 

 Actually that’s a lie there are towers. There’s one tower and that’s only in there to make a joke. The game play is really good the shooting is probably the highlight of it with all the random encounters you come into no more than any other far cry game but the shooting never got boring.  The driving leaves a lot to be desired but your not buying far cry for the driving now are you. 

The story is really good and interesting with some outstanding voice acting  especially by Greg Bryk who plays Joseph seed.  Good singer as well.  Who plays the leader of the cult your trying to stop he is genuinely terrifying in the way he delivers almost every line with the way he stares directly into your eyes you really believe what he’s saying.  Now he is a cult leader so he’s not the nicest man. He and the rest of the seed family belive that all members of there cult are being saved from the collapse. (another way of saying apocalypse which like we need another) 

Obviously your character’s job is to defeat all the seed members like John and Jacob seed as well as the sister Faith. And then the big bad…….  Joseph. 

Now the prepper stashes they have taken the place of towers. They are puzzles around the area where you have to figure out the solution but there nowhere near as challenging as the puzzles from the witness so don’t let that put you off them there a nice break from the story. 

Now with all games have there problems it’s an open word game so you get the usual stone that’s floating. I came across one bug that if you died you would be stuck in a jeep with a turret and can’t get out while the character that drives has spawned all the way across town and can’t get back to you in time. So just quit mission start again and don’t die. 


My main problem with the story is that you get kidnapped……………………….. A lot like almost 10 times in the story and it would happen at the most annoying times during a side mission or talking to someone to start the next mission. 

All these problems did not take away my overall enjoyment of the game which is why I score far cry 5 a 9/10

Far cry 5 is the newest member of thedavidayrescollection

Madeline depression 

I’ve been playing a game called Celeste a 2d platformer with a REALLY GOOD STORY. You play as a girl called Madeline it quickly becomes clear that she’s battling more than just climbing the mountain she so desperately wants.  I believe the mountain is a metaphor for Madeline battling her inner demons. Early in the game Madeline I suppose u could call it her b side she a purple Madeline comes out of the mirror (stay with me now)  evil Madeline chases you copying everything u do a few seconds behind which makes the chase more harrowing when you realise she’s running from herself.  Which got me thinking no matter how hard you try can you really beat depression? 

You see her struggle through different parts of the game where she runs in to her evil self.  I felt more connected to Madeline which is weird for me cause there’s no talking in this game it’s all text boxes.  There’s just so much depth to this game with the story she has to battle her demons run from the thing she fears most of all which is her self can she ever beat depression. 

Madeline eventually realise that she shouldn’t run from depression she needs to tackle it head on she becomes one with evil Madeline and they help each other reach the top of the mountain. 

Don’t knock twice (a……… horror game)

The best thing about this game is the rhyme in the synopsis it got me intrigued so it did it’s job.

Once to wake her from the bed twice to wake her from the dead.

☝️Look it’s the door from that game I’m reviewing. How amazing is technology these days.
Right I don’t want to be Mr negative there’s enough of that in the world already so I will say that it’s a good game but with elements that are done better elsewhere.  Like your dropped in with no information. I did my best to make it more scary I started playing it at like 10pm and finished it in about 3hours pitch black and with a headset in.

It’s very good at building tension but it’s very dark in the house your in and u have a candle as your only source of light.

It depends heavily on slamming doors behind you and trying to scare you on wandering in the dark.

I wouldn’t say it’s very scary there is probably 5 minutes where it’s actually scary mainly with jumpscares.(hate jumpscares but they weren’t the best jumpscares it wasn’t to the level of pt or 5 nights at Freddy’s 4 (👈 those scares made me genuinely terrified) . Only watched them not playing them cause………no thanks.

I also felt kind of bored playing but i paid for it it was only a tenner so I got what I wanted out of it. For the first horror game I played it wasn’t great but I felt brave 😁👍

So the latest game added to the DavidAyres collection is don’t knock twice and with a score of 5/10 

The legend of zelda breath of the wild

I’ll start off by saying that this game is very very good 9’s or 10’s. I don’t have a massive history of Zelda games I’ve only played twilight princess and BOTW and I liked both games.

So the game starts off with the playable character link waking up in some sort of chamber and turns out that he’s lost all of his memories.

What I really like about this game is that you can do pretty much anything u want from start to finish. Walk up to the final battle almost straight away you’ll get absolutely destroyed but it’s something you can do. If that’s not what u want to do then go around the whole map unlock all the towers. And I must say that the game looks absolutely incredible a lot of games are just so fast paced that you don’t even look at the environment that the creator’s have made.

So as link your job is to save princess Zelda who is trapped inside calamity Gannon who has taken over the 4 divine beasts so your job is to go around the kingdom of Hyrule save the divine beasts gain some of there powers and launch one final assault on the castle to save princess Zelda and defeat Gannon.

Now I’ll talk about the difficulties that I had playing the game it took all my strength to not rage quit the game. I found it so hard to play not cause it was poorly made just cause I was not good at the game I mean I only found out how to dodge during the final battle so that kind of annoyed me.

Some of the enemies are ridiculous like the decayed guardians 

These fuckers I think I killed 2 in the whole game and there fairly common.

I really like how you’ll be told something but won’t be shown where it is I mean it’s really hard so anyone out there who say Zelda is for kids. Get lost.

An example is that you’ll be told that your sword is near a forest so it’s up to you to find it you don’t need the sword but it’s very helpful. It’s also a bit of a pain when you don’t have 100’s and 100’s of hours to mess around with the big open world game. Adults don’t have that time it took me like 60 hours to complete the game 

So Zelda is now the latest game in the davidayrescollection.