Don’t knock twice (a……… horror game)

The best thing about this game is the rhyme in the synopsis it got me intrigued so it did it’s job.

Once to wake her from the bed twice to wake her from the dead.

☝️Look it’s the door from that game I’m reviewing. How amazing is technology these days.
Right I don’t want to be Mr negative there’s enough of that in the world already so I will say that it’s a good game but with elements that are done better elsewhere.  Like your dropped in with no information. I did my best to make it more scary I started playing it at like 10pm and finished it in about 3hours pitch black and with a headset in.

It’s very good at building tension but it’s very dark in the house your in and u have a candle as your only source of light.

It depends heavily on slamming doors behind you and trying to scare you on wandering in the dark.

I wouldn’t say it’s very scary there is probably 5 minutes where it’s actually scary mainly with jumpscares.(hate jumpscares but they weren’t the best jumpscares it wasn’t to the level of pt or 5 nights at Freddy’s 4 (👈 those scares made me genuinely terrified) . Only watched them not playing them cause………no thanks.

I also felt kind of bored playing but i paid for it it was only a tenner so I got what I wanted out of it. For the first horror game I played it wasn’t great but I felt brave 😁👍

So the latest game added to the DavidAyres collection is don’t knock twice and with a score of 5/10 

The legend of zelda breath of the wild

I’ll start off by saying that this game is very very good 9’s or 10’s. I don’t have a massive history of Zelda games I’ve only played twilight princess and BOTW and I liked both games.

So the game starts off with the playable character link waking up in some sort of chamber and turns out that he’s lost all of his memories.

What I really like about this game is that you can do pretty much anything u want from start to finish. Walk up to the final battle almost straight away you’ll get absolutely destroyed but it’s something you can do. If that’s not what u want to do then go around the whole map unlock all the towers. And I must say that the game looks absolutely incredible a lot of games are just so fast paced that you don’t even look at the environment that the creator’s have made.

So as link your job is to save princess Zelda who is trapped inside calamity Gannon who has taken over the 4 divine beasts so your job is to go around the kingdom of Hyrule save the divine beasts gain some of there powers and launch one final assault on the castle to save princess Zelda and defeat Gannon.

Now I’ll talk about the difficulties that I had playing the game it took all my strength to not rage quit the game. I found it so hard to play not cause it was poorly made just cause I was not good at the game I mean I only found out how to dodge during the final battle so that kind of annoyed me.

Some of the enemies are ridiculous like the decayed guardians 

These fuckers I think I killed 2 in the whole game and there fairly common.

I really like how you’ll be told something but won’t be shown where it is I mean it’s really hard so anyone out there who say Zelda is for kids. Get lost.

An example is that you’ll be told that your sword is near a forest so it’s up to you to find it you don’t need the sword but it’s very helpful. It’s also a bit of a pain when you don’t have 100’s and 100’s of hours to mess around with the big open world game. Adults don’t have that time it took me like 60 hours to complete the game 

So Zelda is now the latest game in the davidayrescollection.

Mystery blogger award nominated by Mathew Matt in the hat 

I’ll just start off by thanking Matthew it’s an honour to be nominated👍 and the creator so here’s the link Lynlynsays


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(5) I have a blog.

Currently watching Eurovision final go on Ireland. (Oops)

I still like yu gi oh

Have a 4th fact. the walking dead is better than game of thrones

Question and answers

(6)1. If you play video games, which console do you support? Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony? All of them 

2. What is you favorite you seen so far in theaters? Anything Harry potter

3. What fictional character represents you (it can be from anime, cartoon or other media)? Harry potter got the same potter

4. Besides WordPress, what kind of social media do you use the most and what is the least? Twitter most and bebo 😁😁😁

5. Do you pick your nose in public places or when you are alone? Both

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So I bought a switch

The Nintendo switch in my opinion is everything you need in a console it plays on the tv and is portable as we all know.

The features I like are the joy con controllers which can attach to the switch and in the controller pad as well. There’s also a flap at the back of the docking station so all the wire’s don’t get tangled together. When I first got it I spent the first 10 minutes just attaching the joy con’s to the switch and the controller. Very satisfying when you hear the click to take out the joy con just press the button at the back of each joy con.

The thing I don’t like is the fact that there is no way to turn off the switch while in the docking station while sitting down away from the switch.

What I think the switch will be I think it’s there new ds I know they said they won’t forget about the 3ds but it’s a console and a ds and if Nintendo know one thing it’s how to do a handheld device. I mean the Wii was good I liked it a lot. I didn’t buy the Wii u cause it’s an abomination of a console like it was a disaster

I bought Mario kart 8 and Zelda breath of the wild when I got it. And I will say that Zelda might be one of the hardest games I’ve played in ages or I’m just shit at it. I’d say I’ve played it for a bout 20 hours and I’m not lying i’ve like a gazillion Times. So if I ever complete it I’ll review it
MARIO KART 8!!!!! (Said it like Mario) I have one complaint I’m not a big fan of the battle mode except the shinning thief one which puts the rage factor from a normal Mario kart game and puts it up towards the heavens.

red dead redemption

Red dead came out in 2010 and is still one of the best games I’ve played in recent memory. The game takes place in the year 1911 in the America and Mexico. The story follows John Marston a cowboy who is the playable character. Who wants to turn his life around.

The story is about John who wants to to bring the old members of his gang to justice to save his family who were taken hostage by the Americam government. 

The game has so many strong characters like John. Bonnie MacFarlane,Nigel west Dickens,and my favourite Seth Briars. The characters are like people you’d see in a western movie Nigel selling the elixers and Seth the graverobber.

Bonnie is a character that helps you get back on your feet after you get shot at the start of the game she shows you how to be a farmer like herding cattle and taming wild horses it gives you a real picture of what it’s like to be a farmer in the wild west.

Nigel west Dickens a con artists who goes around selling elixers to people to give them better reactions and improving there aim. While getting John to show off his skills with the gun as proof of the elixers working.

And now Seth the grave robber. The most interesting character. The man is obsessed with a treasure that he desperately needs to find. You can tell that he is gone mad with looking for this treasure.

Right from now on its me talking about the ending of the game so there will be SPOILERS.

The thing I liked most about the game was that it ends 2 or 3 times. The first ending was when you kill all your buddies so you finished the game but then it says go back to your family. So you get on your horse and go back to your family.

You then spend time with your wife and son doing misson like herding cattle going to the shops. Which is why I think that the ending of the game really hits you. 


So the ending of the game is where John Marston dies you and your family get attacked by the government. There’s a part of the combat where you can slow down time and its called dead eye mode. During the final mission you and your family take cover in the barn. You tell your family to run to safety. So John opens the door where all the government guys are. So It goes into the dead eye mode and the brilliant thing about it is there isn’t enough time you can kill as many as possible but there isn’t enough time. John will die and it is graphic but then that’s not the ending when the credits end you can play as Jack and you realize that there is more to do 

Jacks revenge is a side mission where you track down the man who killed your father and you kill him and that’s the ending. 

So that’s red dead redemption and the newest entry to the davidayrescollection

First game review (BULLY) 

This is the post excerpt.

My first game review. I thought I’d start off with one of my favourite games of all time and that is Bully

The game was released all the way back in the year 2006 back in the days where people were happy with the single story campaign. And didn’t need co-op and online to play the game.

The game is an open world game set in a boarding school. Where your mother drops u off to go on a honeymoon with her husband. You play as Jimmy Hopkins a rebel who’s the main protagonist.

The idea of the game is you do missions that lead to you taking on the factions in the game there known as the bullies the preps the greasers the nerds and the jocks. And later on the townies. 

The great thing about this game is the fact that there is so much to do outside of the main story there’s all the side quests and finding all the collectables like finding the radio transistor for the hobo and all the rubber bands. There’s also the idea of going to class throughout the day which is just brilliant. 

I think it’s a game that is kind of forgotten which is because of Rock star having the heavy hitters like a gta and the red dead series. But it was there most daring title which is a shame that it’s kind of forgotten about.

And in my opinion one of the greatest games to never get a sequel

And that’s the first game added to thedavidayrescollection